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Video Camera Basics
Jan 26th, 6pm-9pm




3 hours

About the Course

Have you ever wanted to make a video for your own personal brand but got stuck on the video side of things? This course will teach you the very basics of using your video camera. Join us for a fun hands-on class that will put you on the right track to making what you need, no matter what equipment you have.


You'll learn.

  • How to set up your lights

  • Different light sources and how they affect your video

  • How to set up your camera for capturing sound

  • microphones

  • Understand your menu settings 

  • How to frame your shot 

  • How to avoid grainy footage

  • Camera settings for shooting content

Your Instructor

Omeri Monroe

Omeri Monroe

Omeri Is a media producer, camera operator and music artist.

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