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4 Easy Restaurant Video Ideas (2020)

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

1. Create Food Tutorials

I'm not sure about everyone else but I love to try new things in the kitchen. The first thing I do is go to google and find a recipe and then YouTube to see if someone is demonstrating it.

If you're a local restaurant sometimes getting people to stay online with you can be tricky. Create a food tutorial of one of the most popular simple dishes that your restaurant makes. But wait! You can take this even a step further and categorize the video in to cell phone mini series like quick family meals for moms. or the or the quick dinner guide for dads. most people want it simple and filling. make 5 or so videos of this type of content and upload it.

2. Create a Contest

Keep em coming!

There is always a major need for fun in life and food falls just before that on the list of must haves in life. A very promising video idea for your restaurants is a cooing contest! You can have customer contestants pick a dish that your restaurant is known for making and hold a contest on video for the three people to make the dish and choose who does it better. On the flip side you can make a dish and have customers compete in an eating contest to win a prize. With this idea you can get a lot of raw public involved and drive lots of attention to your menu.

3. Create a Video Shopping List

Sometimes You want to stay in but when you've got a taste for something special you've gotta hit the grocery store

Your customers and people in the city who've heard of you most likely trust you. Give them more of a reason to trust you with a Facebook or YouTube Video that goes over a grocery list of things you can buy for a certain type of dinner or occasion. Grab a recipe and create something like" The ultimate 4th of July barbecue shopping list" or "The at home Italian restaurant date shopping list". Videos like these help the audience feel very connected to you. This type of content also gets them used to doing what you say and following your lead. Soon when you have a sale or promotion they will probably consider gong to your restaurant and eating a dish made by the pro's.

4. Food Business Video

You may not think about it but restaurant owners go out to eat too!

Believe it or not there are people right in your audience who love your restaurant and they want to open up a shop as well. They may not even want to make what you make but guess what, you can mentor them with restaurant business videos. You can create a segment of videos that talks about how to get started equipment, education tips, things to look out for and also share some growing pains you're restaurant has had. This type of content isn't really about the food but more about helping the community. Someones aunt loves your food and knows they have a relative that loves to cook. They will gladly share your business videos to future chefs, friends and family.

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