Becoming a photographer

Updated: Aug 9

Photography is more than buying a camera and simply taking a photo. As a newbie you know what you want to do, and that’s take amazing photos. But you have no idea where to begin? You don’t need to the best equipment, Just you and the will to learn this craft. Unfortunately there is no cut shortcut just a lot to learn.

Step One: Research and Buy

What inspired you to become a photographer? What style of photography speaks to you the most? Decide what you would like your art to say. Don’t be afraid to fully immerse yourself it’s a photography. Subscribe to photography magazines and YouTube channel’s and maybe even find out who’s your favorite photographer is.

When it comes to cameras try not to be quick in purchase one. They are more than 100 cameras to choose from. Find out which camera will fit you best. Some like film and many like DSLR. It’s all up to you. When searching for a camera try to be strategic not generic. Avoid that question everyone seems to ask a photographer, “What is the best camera?”. Try questions like,

  • “What is the first camera you practiced on?”

  • “What camera/setting d