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How To Choose The Right Videographer for your Wedding

Buffalo is warming up, and yesterday was the first day of Spring. Do you know what that means? It’s Wedding Season!

While it’s still early in the season (weddings typically peak in June), this is the best time to think about how to choose the right videographer for your wedding. For easy reading, we broke down what to consider when booking a videographer for that special day

What Is Your Budget?

There are different videographers out there, and many times the cost of the wedding videographer directly correlates with the quality they’ll provide. If your budget is too low or if your videographer gives a cheap price, that could result in cheesy, low-grade work. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Set a decent budget for your wedding and look for videographers that have reasonable prices with a reputation for high-quality video work.

Figure Out The Shooting Styles You Like.

Consider the overall atmosphere of your day and then think about how your videographer can capture it. Do you like short, intimate wedding videos with a lot of close-ups or grand, cinematic videos? Do you want words from your family and friends included in the video? Or do you like recap clips of your reception with just background music? Think about the wedding videos you’ve enjoyed and look into videographers that have filmed them. Ultimately, you want yourself and your videographer to be aligned with how you want your wedding shot.

What's Included In Your Wedding Package?

What options or add-ons can your proposed wedding videographer provide? Will there be a second shooter? How many cameras will they use? What types of cameras will they use? Are they staying for both the wedding and reception? Do they offer filming services for events that lead up to the wedding? How about aerial shots? Make sure you understand all the terminology and ask questions about what your wedding package includes.

What Is Your Video Format?

Wedding videos that are high-definition and wide screen are the most popular format to shoot in. Think about where you will share your videos. Do you want high-quality short clips to share on your social media like reels? Is standard definition okay with you? Your videographer might have to compress certain videos to make them shareable. Ask if you can customize your wedding package with different video formats or if you desire a certain kind.

Does Your Videographer Have Good Communication Skills?

Your videographer should know how to work with people and communicate effectively. It is important for your videographer to explain the detail of their work as well as ask you questions about what you prefer. Many times, the wedding videographer has to communicate with the wedding planner and wedding photographer to make sure they are all on the same page. It is important for your videographer to keep that open dialogue from when you book them all the way to when they send you your edited video. Observe breaks in communication and be weary of videographers that are not vocal about what they will shoot during your wedding when you have that first initial meeting.

Let's capture a moment!

Now you're ready o go video shopping. If this helped you and you know you're ready to get some video for your big day, let's talk. Send a quick email to our studio at or call 716-559-4324 so we can chat.

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